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This abdominal workout offers the most beneficial abdominal exercise, as well as an entire weight lifting and fat loss program.

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The Natural Weightlifting abdominal workout gives detailed illustrated instructions for each abdominal exercise involved in this weight lifting and fat loss program. This abdominal workout utilizes the most potent exercises maximizing each abdominal exercise. Below are some examples of abdominal exercise instructions for this abdominal workout.

Abdominal Crunch : This abdominal exercise will work all your abdominal muscles as well as your oblique (side muscles). Crunches if down properly will give a tremendous abdominal workout. If needed you may add weight over your chest. 

1. Lay flat and put your arms crossed over your chest at the beginning of this abdominal exercise. 

2. Put your feet together and raise them about a foot off the ground with your knees slightly bent. 

3. Now with complete concentration of your mid-section, curl your abdominal muscles so that your knees and chest come closer together, the pinnacle of this abdominal exercise.

4. Now you uncurl your body to the starting position of the abdominal exercise, but concentration is always maintained on the mid-section. Always keep feet and head from touching the ground throughout the whole abdominal workout.

Abdominal Crunch Left and Right Side : 

1. Both of these abdominal exercises are down exactly the same as the abdominal crunch exercise. Except you bring your right or left shoulder across your body upon curling.

Natural Weight Lifting exercise program was developed over years of experience and study, and it simply works.

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