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This bicep workout offers the most beneficial bicep exercise, as well as an entire weight lifting and fat loss program.

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The Natural Weightlifting bicep workout gives detailed illustrated instructions for each bicep exercise involved in this weight lifting and fat loss program. This bicep workout utilizes the most potent exercises maximizing each bicep exercise. Below are some examples of bicep exercise instructions for this bicep workout.

Preacher Curls: Bicep exercise works inner bicep. A preacher bench and EZ curl bar are needed to perform this bicep exercise. Getting your arms big can happen quickly as long as you concentrate on every rep during the workout. 

1. Grip the curling bar on the first inside bend, your hands will comfortably fit (approximately 12" apart). Position the seat so that your arm-pits fit over the bench. Keep your feet flat on the ground and keep your head up. Keep elbows close together, no more than 12" apart throughout entire bicep exercise.

2. Lower arms steadily, do not stretch your arms all the way out, leave a decent size bend.

3. When curling the weight be sure to concentrate a great deal on your biceps, do not let the rest of your body help in the exercise. Flex your bicep during each rep to ensure a quality bicep workout. 


Standing EZ Curls: Bicep exercise works the outside of your biceps. EZ curl bar is needed. 

1. Grip the bar wide, your hands will fit comfortably. Bend your knees and keep good posture throughout the bicep workout. Keep your elbows in at all times.

2. Let the bar down, do not stretch your arms all the way out, leave a good bend in them.

3. When bringing the weight up, do not sway or put your back into the motion, keep your elbows in and flex your biceps during each rep to ensure a great bicep workout. 


Alternating Dumb-bell Curls: Bicep exercise works the whole bicep. Dumbbells needed. 

1. Grip 2 dumb-bells. Bend your knees, and keep good posture throughout the bicep workout. Elbows stay in, and your hands start out down by your side with your palms facing your side. 

2. Bring 1 weight up, turning your palm so by the pinnacle of the rep your palm is facing the ceiling. Flex your bicep on each rep. 

3. Bring down the one arm, and then curl the other. Alternate until the set is over and you are completely fatigued and done with the bicep exercise.

Natural Weight Lifting exercise program was developed over years of experience and study, and it simply works.

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