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The Natural weight lifting muscle mass program not only gives you all the tools you need to reach your fitness goals, but will teach you how and why building muscle mass is possible as well as losing fat. Below are just a few topics covered by this muscle mass program:

* Why Less is More : In my early lifting days I would go to the gym 10 to 14 days in a row, sometimes even twice a day. Many workout and muscle mass programs I had read, recommended this strategy. This is totally wrong and counterproductive. This was one of my hardest lessons learned. Most people who are involved in a workout routine over train, and I am talking probably 90% of weight lifters. The body needs to heal its muscle mass!!!!! No one should be going to the gym more than 3 to 4 times per week, and no one should be doing more than 3 to 4 sets for any given exercise. To build muscle works like this : you go to the gym and fatigue (or essentially tear muscle mass) and as you heal your body creates new muscle mass. Many people including myself for a long time just decided to skip the healing part, which if you think about it is the most important part in gaining new muscle mass. When it comes to sets, your first real set, not including warm-ups is the most crucial. It is during this set when the muscles are going to be fatigued most since this is when the muscles are freshest. After 3 solid sets the muscles max out for the most part. Once you start going 5 or more sets in any given exercise you are more leaning toward injuring the muscles than fatiguing them. Most people get injured because of over training. Once a muscle has been injured it takes months and months to fully heal. So just remember "Less is More" no matter what anybody else says. I know many people that used to think doing 5 to 7 sets was the only way to do their workout routine, now they have shoulder and other various injuries.

* Concentration and Form : It is hard to get a great workout every time you go to the gym and exercise your muscle mass. The best way to get a great workout and build muscle is to concentrate on every rep with flawless form. Included with form is how fast you do each rep. Each rep should be done as fast as possible without breaking form and without building momentum, have a fluid movement. Now if you do this most of the weights you are using for your current workout program exercises will go down, because a lot of people don't have great concentration. Good concentration isolates the muscle (s) you are working and eliminates as much help from your other (secondary) muscles as possible, hence fatiguing your muscles faster. I like to close my eyes during all exercises and block out all my surroundings, especially the slackers who just do jaw exercises (talk). I also flex my muscles at the pinnacle part of each repetition. What I mean by flexing my muscles is say if you were doing a curl for your biceps act as if you are flexing your bicep for someone on every rep. Form is extremely important in this muscle mass program not only to assist you in getting a great workout, but also keep you from getting injured. I give detailed tips on form in my exercise pages. Learn how to build muscle.

* Rep Out Every Time : Every set you do is to failure, that is until you cannot do another rep, and even then you try to squeeze out 2 more so you can build muscle. Many weight lifters will do 5 or so reps and stop, even though they probably could do 5 more. This just does not make any sense. The whole point of weight lifting exercise is to fatigue your muscles as much as possible so you get max muscle mass gain. So when you feel that burning pain during your sets just block it out and squeeze out a few more, with good form and concentration of course.

Natural Weight Lifting exercise program was developed over years of experience and study, and it simply works.

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