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This shoulder workout offers the most beneficial shoulder exercise, as well as an entire weight lifting and fat loss program.

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The Natural Weightlifting shoulder workout gives detailed illustrated instructions for each shoulder exercise involved in this weight lifting and fat loss program. This shoulder workout utilizes the most potent exercises maximizing each shoulder exercise. Below are some examples of shoulder exercise instructions for this workout.

Shoulder Press : Shoulder exercise works front and middle shoulder muscles. These can be done with either a shoulder press machine or dumbbells. A machine is preferable, since it is more strict, and reduces chances of injury during this shoulder exercise.. 

1. Grip the weight and raise it up. Keep good posture and your feet flat on the ground. Do not lock your elbows out, always leave a good bend at the apex of the rep. Remember to concentrate during this shoulder workout.

2. When bringing the weight down, do it in a steady motion. Only bring the weight down until your upper arms are parallel with the ground.


Side Laterals : Shoulder exercise works the side and rear shoulder muscles. Dumbbells needed for this shoulder workout. 

1. Sit down and grip dumbbells. Keep feet flat on the ground and have good posture. Have arms down by your side with palms facing in and arms slightly bent.

2. Raise weights up to shoulder level, but think of it more as raising your elbows up. Keep good form and don't let your arms rest during the shoulder exercise.

Natural Weight Lifting exercise program was developed over years of experience and study, and it simply works.

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