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This tricep workout offers the most beneficial tricep exercise, as well as an entire weight lifting and fat loss program.

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The Natural Weightlifting tricep workout gives detailed illustrated instructions for each tricep exercise involved in this weight lifting and fat loss program. This tricep workout utilizes the most potent exercises maximizing each tricep exercise. Below are some examples of tricep exercise instructions for this tricep workout.

Face Breaker Extensions : tricep exerciseworks entire triceps muscle. EZ curl bar needed. 

1. Lay down on a bench and put your feet up. Either have someone hand you the bar or have it set up just behind you. Grip the bar close and hold the weight above your chest. Keep your elbow close (12") throughout the tricep exercise.

2. Lower the weight down toward your face, keeping your upper arm straight and stiff. Keep your forearms parallel with the ground at the lowest point of the rep.

3. When pressing the weight back up keep your elbow together. Flex your triceps and concentrate on your upper triceps (towards your shoulders) doing the work throughout the tricep workout. 


Triceps Pulldowns (cable machine) : Tricep exercise works entire triceps muscle. Attach the upside-down V grip to the cable machine. 

1. Grip the upside-down V. Bend your knees and have good posture. Keep elbows close to your sides throughout the tricep workout.

2. Pull down the V while keeping your upper arms stiff and close to your sides. Flex your triceps on the pulldown.

3. When letting the weight back up let your forearms go up until they are parallel with the ground, and pull down again, keep good form throughout the tricep exercise. 


Tricep Extensions (cable machine) : Tricep exercise works outer triceps. Attach grip to cable. 

1. With knees bent and good posture hold the cable grip with one hand palm up. Keep your elbow close to your side and back a little.

2. Pull down the cable keeping your elbow in and upper arm stiff. Pull the cable back while turning your palm slightly away from you. Concentrate on your outer triceps doing the work throughout the tricep workout.

3. Let your forearm up until it is parallel to the ground and repeat. Do 1 set with one arm and then alternate to the other for this tricep exercise.

Natural Weight Lifting exercise program was developed over years of experience and study, and it simply works.

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