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A workout plan that increases muscle mass while reducing body fat levels.

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Have you been searching for a workout plan that builds muscle and burns fat at the same time quickly and safely. Then you have found the right workout routine. This workout plan has been developed to meet the needs of all who want to achieve their fitness goals without the use any supplements or other dangerous substances. Natural Weightlifting is a completely natural workout plan that supplies its members with the knowledge and tools necessary to reach all your fitness goals. 

This workout plan will answer questions like:

  • How often should I exercise
  • What weight should I use
  • How many sets and reps are needed 
  • How do I lose fat 
  • Why less is more in most cases 
  • Why nutrition is so important 
  • What exercises are most beneficial 
  • How can I get ripped
  • ...And many more!!!

Every member of the Natural Weightlifting workout plan will be granted access to a multitude items, such as :

  1. Access to ask an online personal trainer any questions you may have pertaining to fitness. 

  2. 3 levels of workout plan: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

  3. Downloadable workout sheets for each program level

  4. Detailed and illustrated exercise instructions for each muscle group.

  5. Nutrition guide that will educate you on how to regulate your diet simply, optimizing your fitness goals along with the workout plan.

  6. Cardio routine that will enable you to burn fat while increasing muscle mass.

  7. In depth fundamental facts about weight lifting, nutrition, cardio, and several other fitness topics included in this workout plan.

  8. Downloadable fitness calculators  

  9. Information on why and how injuries take place, and how to avoid them.

  10. Access to a weight lifters forum where you can discuss exercise and nutrition with other members who are trying to gain weight while burning fat.

  11. Illustrated guide on equipment used in this exercise program.

  12. Definitions of common exercise and nutrition language pertaining to this workout plan.

  13. Descriptions on what types of aerobic exercises are best.

  14. Find out what body type you are, and how to set your fitness goals accordingly.

  15. Plus there are many more tips and encouragement on how to reach your fitness goals that are imbedded throughout the workout plan with more and more being added all the time. 

Natural Weight Lifting exercise program was developed over years of experience and study, and it simply works.

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